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Stone Glasses

A perfect addition to your normal whiskey

Stone Glasses

It’s heartbreaking when you end up pouring your most expensive and extraordinary whiskey into a normal-ordinary glass!! Goosebumps...right?

Today we are going to talk about the importance of stone glasses and how Kathaakaar’s stone glasses can raise the standards of your whiskey.
Stone glasses, a flawless representation of the quirky art of the artisans at Kathaakaar.

Whiskey is like a beautiful lady who needs constant appreciation. So, why not cherish it by serving in these amazing soapstone glasses.
“Happiness is having a rare steak, rare whiskey glasses, a rare whisky, and a rare dog to eat the rare steak.” You might think that these glasses are made with the help of machines.
And I love to break your bubble... but you're absolutely wrong here because these glasses are crafted by our craftsmen.

Let’s check out the process of making these peculiar Stone Glasses

Step 1

Rock Breaking
The process of making stone glass starts with cutting down the big soft metamorphic rock (soapstone) into small pieces as per the sizes needed.

Step 2

The next step is carving (giving shape) the rock into a glass from the outside. And later on, the inside part is emptied.

Step 3

Rough Polishing
In the next step, these carved glasses are polished with the help of water and sandpaper.

Step 4

Then these glasses are immersed in water for a week and after taking it out, it’s washed with soap and water to remove the odour.

Step 5

Final Polishing
In the end, polishing is done to give the glass a glossy outlook.


The process of making ends and here we get our final product - these amazing and elegant stone glasses.

PS- please don’t expect all the handcrafted glasses to be symmetrical. As we are aware, these glasses are handmade by artisans with great effort and hard work, and not a single piece is machine-made. So each glass is different and unique in its own ways.</br

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