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Delightful tableware in stones and more. Shop now
Put a conversation
starter right on your
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Aesthetically pleasing products for every nook and cranny

Design inspires

Build your dream place with Kathaakar and get the best out of both worlds!!

Home Inspiration

Getting handcrafted, unique products can be a challenge - see some creative solutions to get it just right.

Made The Hard Way

Our signature craftsmanship has been honed over a decade of manufacturing innovation. Our artisans combine the skills with the collective strength throughout India to deliver quality products worth investing in.

Make Your Life Meaningful

We’re here because we believe that everyone’s life deserves the best. A team that loves working together is the magic that makes it all happen.

Richard Hernandez

Vice Chairman

Sharon Berry

Project Manager

Juliana Lane

HR Manager

Two collections, no competition

One is contemporary. One is classic. Both are elegant in their own right. Discover about the bestowed innovation that puts them lightyears ahead of anything else on the market — and discover the details that make them different.

Why Kathaakaar should be your first Choice

Fast & free shipping

Every single order ships for free. No minimums, no tiers, whatsoever.

Durable, premium, plastic-free materials

We use materials like sustainably forested wood, strengthened steel hardware, Organic Nontoxic colours, Natural lacquers,

Introducing The Totum Collections

A pair of contemporary, minimalist designs that maximize storage.

Loved by everyone... Everywhere…

I had an issue with trousers Brooke tavern as usual responded urgently and offered all help necessary thanks
Cynthia Assini
CEO, Jadeson Global
Fantastic product. Absolutely love my dress. Very quick delivery and ordering was fast and easy.
Richard Hernandez
Staff development director, Klampton
Inn my opinion this is the best way to rate different companies and products. that you buy online.
Antonio Hunt
Dentist, Jadeson Global

Look good for your planet!

Hi there,  humans, we’re Kathaakaar. We cherish this planet, particularly the watery bits. We also adore looking good and we don’t see why anyone should ever have to pick between the two. We take organic and natural materials and make artistic, gorgeous products out of them. 

We call it sustainable style.

So don’t just look good. Look good for your planet.

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