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Block Printing

Block printing – beautifying your daily diary!

Block Printing
Kathaakaar has its way of giving a unique touch to ordinary products. And diaries with block printed fronts are one of them.

These diaries from Kathaakaar are so beautifully designed that they attract you towards it just like a magnet to the steel.

Now you might be thinking about what block printing is?

So let me give a brief about it…

Basically block printing is a relief printing technique that uses a hand-cut block of wood on linoleum to print on cloth or paper.

It’s a method that has been practised for over thousands of years. It originated in China and remained the most whispered printing technology for books and images in East Asia until the 1800s.

Want to know an interesting fact about block printing??

Let me tell you one…

Initially, block printing fabric was the norm, with silk cloths being the most common substrate. It took hundreds of years for it to be converted to paper, which is currently the most extensively used block printing material.

Let's take a look at the process of block printing

Block craving

Block carving is the first phase in the block printing process, and it has existed in India for as long as anybody can remember. To carve complicated patterns into wooden blocks, block-carving professionals utilise instruments such as tiny hammers, chisels, and drills.

These blocks are immersed in mustard oil after carving and allowed to rest for at least a week. This helps to prevent the blocks from cracking when exposed to dry environments. For the wood to breathe, the carvers also drill tiny holes into the blocks. This can also increase the lifespan of a wooden block by several decades.

Applying dye

Dye is applied onto the wooden surface of the block using a 'sieve' after the carving process. Before applied against the fabric/paper, the woodblock is gently pressed to the colour palette.


Block printing has to be followed by a special technique to achieve the desired results. From left to right always starts printing. The colour on the tray is evenly matched with a wood plank. The artisan dives the block and applies it to the paper/ fabric in a dark outline. The length and breadth of the fabric are repeatedly followed.

Kathaakaar and its kalaakaar's work hard to give you the best output out of their talent they can with the unique personal touch.

These beautiful hand block printed diaries are the best addition to your diary collection. Let's move a step ahead in reaching an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle with kathaakaar and its kalaakaar's.

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