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Sabai Grass

See how Kathaakaar is using Natural products- Sabai grass to drive a sustainable life.

Sabai Grass
65% of people from across the globe are convinced to use sustainable eco-friendly products.

Want to know why and how these products are crafted?

Kathaakaar strives to revolutionize the whole and sole idea of home decor, dining, stationery, and Accessories by using the most splendid and traditional art of India. Kathaakaar and its Kalaakaar’s have come up with an eco-friendly and sustainable product range which not only serves as utility products but also as beautifying elements for your home.

So yes!

This is called the magic of two in one...

The main material used in our product range is Sabai Grass.

So let me put some light on Sabai grass, this grass is cultivated in the rural areas of Orissa and also in West Bengal.


Let’s together see the procedure which is practised by Kathaakaar when it comes to creating a product using Sabai grass.

As the grass grows abundantly, it needs to be harvested for the production of products in particular months.


In the months of September-October, the harvesting of Sabai grass takes place. It is then harvested and dried up in the sun and then bundled.


The Sabai grass is coloured using vegetable dyes. In proportion to hot water, the colours are added, then the strands are soaked in boiling water and then dried up in sun.

Rope Making

The torn grass is twisted by hand and then is used to pin the twists by a cycling ring. By rubbing them onto tree trunks, rough corners are removed. The ropes are then arranged into bundles after they have been twisted.

Braid Making

The grass is hand-woven and the raw corners are cut off. The grass is also sorted by its length and quality at this stage.

Final Product

The twisted braids are turned into products like baskets, mattresses, table runners and a wide variety of other durable products. Oomph! The Sabai grass process ends and the product making starts! Products like baskets, mats, laptop bags, tablet purses, tote bags, table runners, decorative plates, etc. can be crafted with Sabai Grass. Why not start using organic products to reduce the use of plastic and create an eco-friendly atmosphere in our surroundings. With the increase in the usage of organic and sustainable products, we will be able to create a beautiful tomorrow.

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