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Sikki Grass

Experience the magic of handcrafted Sikki Grass products with Kathaakaar for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Sikkii Grass
India is worldwide renowned for its handcrafted products. The handicraft represents India’s cultural and traditional values. And keeping these values in mind the Kalaakaar’s of Kathaakaar create artistic and eye-catching goods. These handmade pieces have a unique personal touch.

Let’s know the secret of these unique products...

One of the materials used by Kathaakaar is Sikki Grass.

Basically, Sikki Grass is found in Bihar. It has a naturally beautiful colour, thus it is also called Golden Grass. This natural fibre grows in the damp and muddy area near the Bank of River in Koshi, Madhubani(district) during August and September.


Do you know how laborious the process of manufacturing goods from this Sikki Grass is? Let’s view it together. How this process begins and ends up as fine handcrafted goods...


This process starts with drying up the grass in the sun for several days.


After that, the grass is boiled in hot water (which consists of vegetable dyes), to add colour, softness and flexibility to it which makes it easier to be shaped in lamps, baskets, etc.


The simple method for the production of products from Sikki grass is called coiling.

The object's actual form is made by munj or Khar (cheap variants of grass available in the area).

Munj or khar is used to create the base of the product and give it additional strength.
Sikki grass is then wrapped over a base made from munj, covering the structure completely. A needle-shaped object called takua is the only tool necessary for this art with which coiling and weaving are performed. Sikki craftwork is characterised by this coiling and weaving of coloured grass with its nature of gold grass.

Isn’t it wonderful that with this Sikki grass we can actually get products like baskets, boxes, bags such as laundry bags, shopping bags, picnic bags, containers and many different types of embellishing art pieces for home decor?

Why not start replacing plastic products today?

Let’s keep our surroundings beautiful and eco-friendly by using these eco-friendly and handicraft products that will give your home a traditional and cultural vibe.

These handcrafted products are a true example of sustainability. It is based on the use of traditional skills, the intelligent use of natural materials and eco-friendly practices.

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