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Stylishly modern desk accessories for your workspace

Don’t worry, just keep writing on...and on...

If you are the one “OLD School Type” who still believes in jotting down everything and not care what anyone else will think. You have landed at the writing place.

Say Hello to your BFF

A diary is a place where you can record important events, your life experiences and many other honest and personal things that matter the most to you. Kathaakaar has designed and manufactured this Handbook to match your personal and professional life♥ .

With Kathakaar’s Handbook - Dream, write and create!

A paper-based diary may be old-fashioned, but writing a diary is a way to unleash your creativity. Improve your writing and imaginations with a Beautiful diary made with Handmade Paper and Hand Block Printed by Kathaakaar

Imagine carrying eco-friendly and personal storage everywhere

For the next generation of big businesses. When it comes to storing critical files, pictures and memories which you want to keep personal for you. The importance of a pen drive can’t be stressed enough. Kathakaar brought you Pen Drive made in Rosewood which will suffice all your needs.

A Rosewood Pendrive- Crafted with elegance and sustainability

Rich in detail, this product has been made from Sheesham wood, better known as Indian Rosewood. This wood lends itself beautifully to inlay or Tarkashi work because of its natural oil content that holds the inlaid metal together.

Your S.O.S. Solution – Safe Offline Storage.

As a business owner, you very well know that a business card holder is as important as a business card. The significance of a cardholder helps to enhance the identity of your business and brand. Kathaakaar knows it all and we have designed the most elegant Card Holder made of Rosewood & Silver Metal Inlay. A card case that fits perfectly in a blazer pocket is a big win in our books!

A perfect gift for your stakeholders

Though it may be an occasion of inauguration of some new business or welcoming a client, Kathakaar’s Handblock dairies, Rosewood Card Holder and Rosewood pen drives can be the perfect handmade gift.

An ultimate communication starter- the best business card storage.

Secure and Useful. Your business card says a lot about your brand, and the way you keep it adds the cherry on the top. The perfect cardholder for any business Entrepreneur is the one that is sturdy and reliable, take the Kathakaar Rosewood Cardholder for delight in whipping out at the end of a meeting with a client, or when chatting at the bar, Kathakaar has got you back! 

It Does More. It Costs Less. It’s that simple.

Trusted storage solutions to keep your crucial docs safe and secure. Kathaakaar’s handmade metal inlay paperweight is perfect to prevent all your important pages and documents from blowing away.

Never leave your papers without it.

We aren’t discussing that green monstrosity you have to keep on your desk that your kid made. But a proper professional-looking paperweight that you can use anywhere to impress everyone.

Perfect for giveaways

Kathaakaar Paperweights make for the ideal giveaway at corporate events, exhibitions or celebratory evenings.

Eye-pleasing magazine holders.

Organize your magazines with Kathaakaar’s minimalist aesthetic and handmade statuesque Rosewood-Dhokra Magazine holder.

Keep your magazines organised

Explore our exquisite range of magazine holders, and say goodbye to Lifeless stacks of Magazine. Our Magazine holder is the best fit to store and organize mail, files, loose papers, or newspapers.

Take your collection from chaotic to organized

If you are magazine obsessed or like to keep a few subjects on hand for spare time reading, count on Kathkaakaar’s exclusive range of Simple, chic, and affordable Magazine Holders perfect to keep magazines, newspapers, or your latest read on hand.

Magazine holder made to store and organizes the reading materials in one convenient place.

Add a unique addition to your home or office by arranging the covers of your favourite magazines and books with a wow-worthy Kathaakaar's statuesque Rosewood-Dhokra Magazine holder.

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